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How to Build Mobile First and Responsive Web Design – 3 Essential Techniques

Knowing how to design mobile first and responsive web design is extremely important! Learn how to design by using our top 3 essential techniques! Designing a website with an adaptable and flexible context and layout, capable of responding to different screen sizes and resolutions, context, and devices is known as responsive web design. However, because

How Mobile First Approach and Progressive Web Design Impact Publishers and SEO Strategies

Discover how the mobile first approach and the progressive web design can impact publishers and SEO strategies! Get all the information you need! You are planning on publishing web content, but you are having troubles deciding between progressive design and mobile first approach. Your choice will have a huge impact on how you easily maintain

Why You Should Consider a Mobile First Design Approach When Developing a Website: Top 3 Reasons

Planning on developing a website? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider mobile-first design approach when developing your website! Website Development in Today’s Digital World Developing a website is not a complicated process, especially in today’s world. However, a lot of web designers and developers forget to ask the most important question – what