The increase of the mobile technology affects all of us! Discover why you should design your website for mobile-first!

The Importance of Mobile-First Approach

Today, there are more than 1.5 billion smartphone users and more than 900 million tablet users worldwide. According to these results, people are avoiding their laptops and desktop computers and are focused on their mobile and tablet devices. As a matter of fact, the global mobile usage is expected to grow and hit 2 billion smartphone users.

The increase of the mobile technology affects all of us, including the web design world. Desktop computers and laptops are still leaders when it comes to web searches, but according to some research, they won’t stay on the top for too long. The mobile technology is expected to take over the first place by the end of the year.

All of these numbers, expectations, and information lead to the question – Are you ready for the future? Is your online business ready and is your website prepared to face these new trends?

The mobile first approach is without a doubt the best solution when it comes to designing a website and following the market trends. Discover why you should design your website for mobile first.

3 Reasons Why You Should Implement the Mobile-First Design

Here are 3 reasons why you should implement the mobile-first design:

  1. Reach More People – At least once, we all have waited for a certain website to load or we have problems with scrolling all over the mobile screen and look for the information we need. At the end, you probably left because of the slow loading. The loading time is extremely important in the digital world. It is essential to keep your mobile website loading time under 8 seconds. According to studies, visitors wait 5-8 seconds before they decide to abandon the site. If you provide fast loading time you will be able to reach more people and provide a better user experience.
  2. Support for Various Devices – Responsive design and mobile first design are similar and implementing them into your website means that your website will look excellent across all platforms.
  3. Makes Your Website Modern – In a few years, the internet users will choose smartphones over laptops and tablets over desktop computers. In other words, your website will become absolutely useless if it is not properly optimized for mobile phones.

By designing your site for mobile-first, you will improve the user experience, provide a faster loading time, and optimize the website for various devices at the same time.