Discover how the mobile first approach and the progressive web design can impact publishers and SEO strategies! Get all the information you need!

You are planning on publishing web content, but you are having troubles deciding between progressive design and mobile first approach. Your choice will have a huge impact on how you easily maintain your software and how users receive it.

We are going to present you a few points that can help you select the design that suits your website the best.

The Type of Content You Should Create

The truth is that every application is special and unique. However, the differences run deeper than the visual appearances. Two applications with almost identical core features will likely be different when it comes to the user experience. Usually, all of these differences come from whether you will create a progressive web app or a mobile-first web design.

Introduction to Mobile First Web Design

Mobile first is an approach where web designers focus on designing a better experience for the mobile platforms. This approach is also known as progressive enhancement. It means that you start developing your website from the smallest screen size and move to a bigger one. In other words, you’ll design your website to tailor the mobile screen size and then you adapt it to a tablet screen, laptop screen, and finally to a desktop screen.

The mobile first web design does more than just screen size variations. The mobile devices are reducing the processing power as they have a limited battery life, the mobile users have a tendency to have a wandering focus, and the lighting variations may also impact the page visibility.

Introduction to Progressive Web Design

The progressive web apps are designed to overcome the same issues that mobile-first design solves. However, these apps focus on providing consistently experienced via the progressive use of web technologies.

According to Google experts, the progressive web apps are created for quick reliability and engaging. In other words, they include some of the best features of mobile first apps with the reduced issues and complications of web apps.

How Mobile First Design and Progressive Web Design Impact SEO

Progressive apps, as well as mobile apps, are easy to engage with and discover. The users don’t have to go through the app store, download the app, install it and then open the app. They can just click directly on the link (the link included in your SEO content) and start using the software.